2017 Premier Production At 7 Stages

UN-SHAME ON YOU, brings the battle men, women and children across the globe, have with shame, to the stage. Shame stalks as does a thief of the night, in pursuit of lofty visions, promised dreams and inherited futures, treasured by the vulnerable. No longer able to do its work behind closed doors, shame is put center stage to wage it’s battle with love, in the lives of three residents of a suburban Empresstown apartment complex.

March 2nd, 2017 Opening Night Seats Reserved For Community Groups
For More information, contact info@unshameonyou.com


On the same unseasonably odd Friday night Imara, Wren and Tasha each come face to face with shame, themselves, strong-willed weather, and one another. Do they have the strength to evict shame and wrestle the elements of the night? The weight of what each woman confronts nudges her in front of a road paved with questionable choices.

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New to the 2017 production is the powerhouse actress, director, writer, Silvia Mathis-Manning. We are likewise thrilled at the return of Alexis Gamble, David Rucker, and the other previous cast members. Come see why audiences count Un-Shame On You as one of the best theatrical performances they’ve ever experienced.


SoundTrack Previews: Hold-On; Call Me Un-Shamed; Goodbye, Shame; Welcome Back Love

Joy In The Story welcomes the press to follow the opening and run of Un-Shame On You.Inquiries: info@unshameonyou.com. online information: www.joyinthestory.com | www.unshameonyou.com

Do you see what He sees?

It’s so easy to step around or close an eye to those who joy seems to escape during the holiday seasons.  When things are quite alright in our lives, it’s understandable that we don’t want anything coming near the happy days we love so much.  So, those that cry easily, lost a loved one during this time in a past year, or are carrying burdens we can only imagine the depths of, fade into the background.

I sometimes wonder what was in the hearts of people twenty-one (or two or three or eight) hundred years ago.  How did they handle those with flatlined smiles, weighty circumstances or outstretched hands during Christmastime?  Maybe since television, the computer or even radio were not yet invented, it was easier to not see, hear or be touched those who would dim Christmas cheer.

Oh, but wait.  Twenty one (or two or three or eight) hundred years ago, Christmas wasn’t, yet.  It was, about to become.  What, then must it have been like without Christmas?  No Christ.  No New Testament.  No once and for all forgiveness.  None of Jesus’s miracles?  No finished work on the cross.  Can you imagine?  Just for a minute?  What life would be like without Christmas?


There are so very many reasons Jesus became one of us and walked the face of the earth He created.  He came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10), and to quench the thirst of the parched (John 4:10), just to name two.   Jesus walked with those: whose hearts were so heavy they could barely stand up, were so shamed they only came out when they would be seen by the fewest people, were kept out of places of worship because they were unclean, and considered themselves the worst of sinners.  Jesus saw, spoke to, and touched people.

Those who are called by His name are to see people too.  To do as He did, bring Christmas to those who may not have heard the reason for the birth of The Savior of The World, or who have such heavy hearts, that only a touch will do.

Merry Christmas to you my friends.  And, to those we see.

The Gift of A Second Chance To Get It Right

Everyone can be fully and forever forgiven of everything they’ve ever done, said or thought that was against the Holiness of God. Anyone. Everything. Here’s why…

Just like any courtroom anywhere in the world, one who is proven guilty has to pay a penalty. There’s no getting off scot-free. In the courtroom of heaven, total perfection to God is required. After the first man and woman used their God-given choice to do that which their Creator warned would be harmful to them, the possibility of perfection to God was lost for all who would come after them. (Us!) 

BUT…… since God created humanity because He loves and has good plans for us, He made a way for the penalty of going against His holiness to be paid. Jesus Christ, the second person of the trinity, left heaven, to walk on earth as the perfect one of us, to pay the price for us. He suffered the consequence of all of humanity’s (everyone who was born, is alive today, and will ever be born) sins against God. He was born. He died on the cross. God The Father, raised Him from the dead. It is the gift to humanity that could only be given by God Himself.


That gift, Jesus as personal savior. once accepted comes with the promise of a new life lived with God’s spirit Himself teaching us how to live a good, healthy, fun, challenging, exciting life. As long as we are on this earth, we will never be perfect, but we are not who we used to be and are always changing for the better.

We no longer have to look for love and happiness in all the wrong places. The God who created us has shown how very much we matter to Him! We have been freed from the heavy burdens of our sin, shame and guilt . We can lay them down at the cross of Christ and live a life of joy and utter gratitude to God for loving us so much that He would actually die to set us free…

This is The Christmas Story. The Greatest Story ever lived!  Jesus is the reason for Joy in All Stories…

What Will It Take?

There’s been something in the air the past few weeks. Months. Couple of years. I couldn’t put my finger on what is was. It, something, was always in the air. Until today when the fog covering the something lifted, and unveiled a question: What will it take?

“Huh?”, I questioned back after closing the social media posts I was reading and placing my phone on the table. I’m not sure if the question was intended to be delivered as sternly as a parent before disciplining a child who’d been given more than enough chances, yet as yearningly as a teacher pleading with all she had, to know how to help her student pass the test, but it startled and saddened me in the same moment.

Had I not gotten the lessons? I thought I did, but maybe I hadn’t. Did I permit distractions to take me off course or did I really not know any better at the time? I presumed invitations to engage in, lead, teach, or manage activities and events, was a good thing. And perhaps they were.

And maybe too, they were not the best things if I’d already been given directions to remain engaged elsewhere. Why then, with such clear instructions, and a ready vehicle, did I veer onto other roads? Mostly because of two reasons: (1) others were very persuasive at convincing me to ride along with them, and (2) the road I was placed in front of was unpaved, unclear and I had no idea where it would ultimately lead. So for almost two years, (oh how I don’t want to want to write this, so I’m typing it with my eyes closed), I let… (oh, please don’t make me say it………..AAAAHHHH)…. F.E.A.R. There, I said it!… keep me pretty much at the starting line of the work I was given to do: help others overcome the lies of shame and guilt over past mistakes, through the power of story.

van-on-roadThis is what it took to get me to realize the importance of faithfully venturing into the unknown: “but my righteous one shall live by faith, and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.” Hebrews 10:38.  By choosing, others’ opinions, the safe and the known, or anything else, robs us of trusting God with our present and futures, and God is not pleased.

For me, it took the stern yet loving Word of God to get it. What will it take for you? God has plans for us that far exceed what anybody can think up for us. He lets us in on what they are, bit by bit, with each passing of the test of faith. Let us stay the course He has placed us on no matter how loud, angry, guilt-laden, subtle, or fearful the voices urging us off, are. Let this be our goal for 2017 for as long as God’s grace keeps us.

I would love to hear from you. What is God asking of you that requires you to put your full and complete trust in Him?