20 Days of Celebrating Mothers and Women Who Made A Difference

Let Someone Know They Made A Difference In Your Life

20 Days of Celebrating Mothers and Women Who Made A Difference
Thanking Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Neighbors, Friends, Sisters, and More

For the next 20 days leading up to Mother’s Day, on May 14th, let someone know they made a difference in your life.  What did she say?  How did she help you?  Was she there for you when no one else was?  Whatever the reason, let her know.  We want to hear and celebrate her too, so tell us and we will add her name to the wall of celebration.

It’s Easy. Really Easy! Here’s how it works.


For the next days leading up to Mother’s day, send us the name and reason of someone you want to celebrate.  The last day is for mothers and mother figures.


We’ll add her name to the wall of celebration, here


You will receive a print version of the Wall of Celebration
and be entered into a drawing for a Mother’s Day Gift Bag valued at over $100
(includes a Joy In The Story Jute Bag, Crystal Cross Necklace, Joy In The Story T-Shirt, Coffee cup and other surprises.)

20 Days 20 Women

Day 18 – April 27th

Britt Johnson was my boss for only a short time. It was less than six months. The impression she made on me as a leader, though, has lasted until this day (some seven years later). She was not only smart and hard-working. She was the first manager I had in my working career that gave me honest feedback. The good and the not so good. Ouch.

Sometimes though we might get pristine, glowing words during annual performance reviews, what we think should come along with those nice words (money, promotions, etc..) doesn’t. Britt’s feedback was honest and straightforward, but delivered with in such a way that I knew she had my best interests at heart.

We need people who care about us enough to help us grow into the person they believe we can be. Thank you Brit, for being courageous enough to share truth with gentleness and grace.

How about you, who spoke a word that made a lasting impact?  Tell us, below.

Day 19 – April 26th

Today, I celebrate my grandmother, Pearl.  She looked for me and my siblings when we were separated.  She searched every elementary school until she found us.  That first day she took me to a diner where we had burgers and fries.  I think that’s where my love of burgers came from.  Even more than that is knowing the love she had for us would not let her stop seeking us until she found us.  Grandma, I love, honor and celebrate you today. 💗

How about you, who is your difference maker, today?

Day 20 – April 25th

Today, I celebrate Pat, a woman who walked into my place of business eighteen years ago, saw the condition of my heart and offered to help me heal.  Because she cared enough to see me and not leave me as I was, I now live to help other women discover their inherent value, discover LOVE, and be courageous enough to walk in her powerful gifts, to change her world.

Pat, I have no idea where you are today, but I appreciate you and wanted to add you to the wall of Joy In The Story difference makers.

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