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Hi there, and welcome to Joy In The Story, where you will find inspiration and encouragement to walk in the power of your purpose!  Consulting and encouraging Christian women to embrace their stories and discover their purpose is the joy of my life.

If you are a Christian woman who knows there is more to life than what you are experiencing, it’s time to love your story, discover your purpose, and embrace the significance of YOUR life.  Why? Because your life IS significant and will make a difference in this world.  Today I need you to disregard your doubts and stand up to the defeating words of others!

If your Christian (spiritual, emotional and financial) walk is the same as it was last year, or years before, my hope is for you to embark on the road filled with courage, passion, purpose, and fulfillment meant for you.  Have no doubt, your story, your purpose, the call on your life is to impact the world for good.

The long, difficult, roads I’ve walked are the foundation of my heart’s passion to help Christian women succeed as mothers, wives, ministry leaders, writers, businesswomen, or entrepreneurs.  Even as a professional business woman, I used to believe that living with abundant joy, contentment and doing a passionate and significant work, was for everyone except me.  For decades I believed I was destined to live a mediocre, joyless life.  The day I met Jesus and discovered His work of Grace on The Cross, everything changed.  Seeing my story through HIS-story freed me to walk in my spiritual gifts and LIVE.

Are you ready to be the Christian woman you know you can be?  Then, let’s go change the world.

my work background includes.
author, playwright, CPA, corporate and community leader, corporate VP, ministry leader, entrepreneur

the work I love:
helping Christian women of all ages embrace their significance and purpose, so they can do the work they were born to do, with excellence.

(my current touring stage-play, Un-Shame On You, here.)




 Atlanta Live, TV 57 Interview

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