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frontprofileonleaning1Hello there, and welcome to Joy In The Story, where you will find inspiration, encouragement, and resources to help you overcome lies, fears, shame, guilt or strongholds that could be holding you back from the life you were born to live.

Jesus is the joy in my story, and here’s why.

Oddness accompanied me early, when, at the age of five, my mother, who was twenty-three, died, leaving behind three left-handed, and one-right handed, children. I was the right-handed and oldest of the four. Following the passing of my mother, our childhood home was wrought with addictions, great backyard parties and trips to state parks, neglect, laughter, abuse, and music that bore into my soul.

Each step I took on the road to adulthood affected my ability to trust, love, relate to others, mother, or believe I was worthy of any good thing. When walking forward got tough, music told me to keep on truckin’, and took my eyes from hovering shadows, by getting me to sing and dance to “Best of My Love”, or whatever else boomed from sidewalk speakers. When some of the pains I endured made it nearly impossible to speak, writing became my voice and the primary way I communicated.

I am so deeply grateful that God continues to work all things together for my good. The roads I’ve walked (including difficult and sometimes questionable life choices), are the foundation of my heart’s passion to help others overcome strongholds, lies, guilt, and shame.  I used to believe that joy and contentment was for everybody except me.  The day I met Jesus and discovered the meaning of The Cross, I found Love, and everything changed.  Now, I live to share His unfathomable goodness.  The experiences along the roads I’ve walked are the substance from which I write.  My hope is that the stories and theatre I write will be vehicles through which hearts are healed, and LOVE, is found.

On the personal side:

Family: Married to a wonderful husband who allowed me to heal on our time (you have NO idea…) two beautiful daughters, who likewise are so understanding and forgiving of the years of dysfunction (they’re beautiful and so smart, too.  they REALLY are…)

Favorite quote: “Let God use you like He made you.” Tony Evans

Favorite Food(s): Ice cream and kale (…not together, silly 💜)

Favorite Music: Everything and anything GOOD. (well, to me at least…)

Favorite Scripture: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

The Other Stuff


Un-Shame On You, Kids Without Mom, and my newest release: Blue Sun Dances (which is partly based on my life story). They are all available, here.


Un-Shame On You, The Play, and two soon to be released theatrical stage plays.

Previous Careers

CPA, Corporate VP, Community Engagement Award Recipient


Various Ministry and Community Leadership Positions

Atlanta Live, TV 57 Interview

Vanessa is available for speaking requests.  Contact us, below.

Telephone Number: 1-877-977-7721 | E-Mail:

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