Blogging, Speaking, Working, Oh My…

It’s feels so good to get back to typing on these keys for a blog post on this, the space in which I am humbled and grateful to have found a few faithful readers who I can share what I’ve come to learn about calling.

I have missed being away from my home space, but I tell you there is nothing like being obedient to the call of God.  When you truly commit to doing, being, speaking, walking and talking as He commands, He WILL fulfill His promises to you.

My time away from this blog has been one of continued engagement with you, the readers, but in a more personal way.

This post can be summed up in one word: Obey.


Whatever The Lord and Creator of This World has put before you, I dare you, encourage you, challenge you, to take Him at His word and do as He commands.  Therein is the secret to all we really desire.

Here is what He has commanded me to do during the past few weeks:

It has been an exhausting work to be sure, and the work is just beginning, but because I gave up fear of both succeeding and failing, I have a renewed, unexplained energy.

I pray you too would fall to your knees and just listen.  You will be surprised and amazed by what you hear, or at how your prayers begin to change what you pray for.

There is nothing better than obedience to The One Who commands and has all power and knowledge.  I pray you would experience the blessing of obedience.

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