Elevator Arrivals

Standing in an elevator lobby with tens of others a few days ago, while holding a cup of Cinnamon Roobois (a South African blend) tea, was reason enough to drift in thought.  As most would agree, standing in a small corridor with a growing crowd of people waiting to get into an even smaller space, is cause to wander in distracted thoughts before getting on, and to stay there while riding it to your intended destination.  And so, I did.

Though I stood in a hallway of an elegantly crafted building designed by world renown architect, John Portman, comforted by the aromatic steam which rose through the Caribou cocoa-colored lid of the paper cup I grasped, my mind landed on a question. What are you doing here?  I blinked, as my eyes darted to the left and right, in wonder at what I thought I’d heard, to see if anyone else might have heard it too.  Since most seemed to be in even deeper thought than I was, I guessed not.

So when, What are you doing here?, sounded again, I selected an elevator door away from where most were gathering, to lean against.  Instead of silencing the voice, my step away, urged it on.  All of it – the loss, the lessons, the gifts – weren’t for this.  You’re different.  Set apart. Special.  Special, I thought?  Well, I don’t think those standing here, my eyes scanned the crowd in front of the other elevator doors, would agree with that.  It was, and could only be, the appearance of vivid, crisp remembrances – the losses, lessons and gifts of which the voice spoke, that convinced me to finally agree – “Yes.  I am, set apart.  Special. It is the only explanation to how I can be standing. Anywhere.”

At the ever so slight nod of my head and inside utter of what I’d heard, “Special,” the elevator above the door I stood against lit and rang, “Ding.”   I stepped into it knowing I’d never be able to forget the light and ring, that appeared and sounded above my head.  They were to be forever reminders that they appeared to help take me to the place constructed of life losses, lessons and gifts crafted by The Master of The Universe, to which no one else’s work compares.

Ding. You, called out one, are set aside.  Special.  Don’t question or look to the left or the right in wonder.  These words are for you.   There is a place from which you are to live, work, and praise, built by The Creator of The Heavens and Earth, constructed of your life’s losses, lessons and blessed gifts.  Allow yourself to step into the Hands of God so He can lift you to your intended destination.

Jeremiah 29:13 “ You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

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