A Woman’s Weekend To Remember

Sometimes we need a minute, maybe two or perhaps even three days, to step away from EVERYTHING and spend time on ourselves.  Yes, that’s right.   It is not selfish to take care of yourself.  And this conference is a chance for you to clear your head and heart of everyday concerns, work, or other obligations to breathe, laugh, contemplate, pray, listen, sing or just Be.

A Woman’s Weekend To Remember  is A Best In Class Conference of 2015.  ONLY God could bring these phenomenal women together: Laura Story, Crystal Lewis, Izzi Ray, Amena Brown and the heartwarming audience favorite StagePlay, “Un-Shame On You.


Make this an extra special time by reserving a hotel room or suite with a mother, daughter, sister or friend for a special three days you will not forget.  If you’ve thought about the next steps of your work, relationships, or life in general, then this is  a time to trade the regular and ordinary, to hear from The Extraordinary.

There is not another conference like this one happening in 2015.  Call a friend or friends, pack your bags, reserve your tickets and begin seeking God for how you would like to hear from Him during, A Woman’s Weekend To Remember.

Date: May 7, 2015—May 9, 2015
Event: A Woman's Weekend To Remember
Public: Public