The Gift of A Second Chance To Get It Right

Everyone can be fully and forever forgiven of everything they’ve ever done, said or thought that was against the Holiness of God. Anyone. Everything. Here’s why…

Just like any courtroom anywhere in the world, one who is proven guilty has to pay a penalty. There’s no getting off scot-free. In the courtroom of heaven, total perfection to God is required. After the first man and woman used their God-given choice to do that which their Creator warned would be harmful to them, the possibility of perfection to God was lost for all who would come after them. (Us!) 

BUT…… since God created humanity because He loves and has good plans for us, He made a way for the penalty of going against His holiness to be paid. Jesus Christ, the second person of the trinity, left heaven, to walk on earth as the perfect one of us, to pay the price for us. He suffered the consequence of all of humanity’s (everyone who was born, is alive today, and will ever be born) sins against God. He was born. He died on the cross. God The Father, raised Him from the dead. It is the gift to humanity that could only be given by God Himself.


That gift, Jesus as personal savior. once accepted comes with the promise of a new life lived with God’s spirit Himself teaching us how to live a good, healthy, fun, challenging, exciting life. As long as we are on this earth, we will never be perfect, but we are not who we used to be and are always changing for the better.

We no longer have to look for love and happiness in all the wrong places. The God who created us has shown how very much we matter to Him! We have been freed from the heavy burdens of our sin, shame and guilt . We can lay them down at the cross of Christ and live a life of joy and utter gratitude to God for loving us so much that He would actually die to set us free…

This is The Christmas Story. The Greatest Story ever lived!  Jesus is the reason for Joy in All Stories…

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