Our Stories…

Can confuse us.  Make us question everything we’ve come to know.  Cause us to tremble. Send us into hiding.  They can also pull another into our story.  Someone who grabs our hands and leans in to persuade us, “to keep walking,” calm us  with: “there’s no need to fear,” remind us that the multitude of voices and swirling threats are but mere shadows, and that if we just keep walking, don’t stop, keep breathing, don’t quit, keep moving, we will, in a matter of time, step into a clear day, stronger, better, wiser.

And when we are ready to glance back upon the roads we made it beyond, we realize The Someone who was with us through our most difficult days is The Joy in our stories.  It’s when we are ready to see, own and love out stories, we realize that if it had not been for the assuring, comforting, empowering presence and Hand of God keeping us during our most difficult days, we never would have made it into the daylight.

There’s power in sharing The Joy in our stories.  Encouraged faith calms hearts.  Hope saves lives.  Love inspires possibilities.  Faith, hope, love and joy are the gems we find and put on as God guides us through what’s necessary to make us witnesses and dispensers of faith, hope, love and joy.

Joy In The Story Conversations

When Mothering is Messy

Mothering is a gift.  A privilege.  And a responsibility.  Many women love easily, naturally.  A child, for a loving woman, is one of the absolute greatest joys of her life.  Women, though, who (like I did), walk into motherhood with a barren, seared, and scarred heart, often find it impossible to love.  Anyone. The responsibility then, to rear, protect, care for, or love a child, can leave her paralyzed by an overwhelming assurance of failure in what comes so easily for every other (it seems) woman.


What a woman does (neglect, indulge, hide behind a brick wall) with her tattered heart, is going to seep out and splatter every person, wall and room in her home.  Some of that splattering can be a triumphant uttering of healing, victory and wisdom or unseemly murmurs that can hurt, burn and cause permanent scars on her own family.

Vanessa is passionate about helping broken-hearted mothers bridge their pasts to their passions and learn to love God, their families, themselves and others.  Vanessa often shares her own personal sojourn of motherlessness and abuse to becoming a writer, businesswoman and ministry leader.

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Longing For Love

Missing a mother’s love is a fact of life many children throughout the world experience but have few, if any, opportunities to talk about. Sharing the hopes and challenges of being without a mom is good for the heart. This live conversation speaks, hope, encouragement and lessons on how to live successfully and excel academically, despite being without the guiding hand of the mom.

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