If You Can Breathe, You Can Do This!

Sharing your story of faith conversion is one of the highlight experiences of being a Christian. There is no need to be intimidated or feel unprepared to share your story. There is a way that you can tell others of the joy you’ve found in Jesus that suits your personality and is as truly comfortable for you as breathing.

You don’t need a doctorate in theology. You don’t need to be a biblical scholar. You don’t need to know hundreds of scripture by heart. You don’t need to speak like a preacher.  You just need to have a heart changed by the gift of Grace and be happy about it!

Here’s why it’s so important for you to share your story of how God changed your life.

  • Whether your story is dramatic or even-handed, it is of utmost importance in the world, and someone needs to hear it
  • It is one way you can love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength
  • God wants you to share the gift you received, with those he placed in your circle of influence
  • It is a constant reminder of God’s lovingkindness in your life
  • If you’ve recovered from an addiction, abuse, PTSD, or other trauma, it is a powerful testimony to God’s power and your will to live
  • It affirms God created you with a distinct personality, voice and purpose, for Him
  • It can open doors to unexpected relationships and friendships
  • You can explain the practical strategies and tools that were helpful to you, with others.

Here is a BEAUTIFUL shared story from News Anchor and Journalist Kirsten Powers, sure to change the lives of many.

What’s your story? Share it here.


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