Losing For Life

In an instant, trust in The God of The Heavens and Earth, overwhelmed all fear of heights, visions of airborne flailing arms, soundless screams, and losing everything. Trust, empowered hesitant obedience to place its two feet on the ledge and prepare to LEAP. Putting forth the first foot still left the possibility to retreat.  The second step off of the edge, initiated descent…

…and, God’s Hand. From the one to whom I said, “I had to come in here to let you know, I have to leave, ” came, “will you consider this: rather than completely leaving, you can tell me the work arrangements you’d like, where you’d like to work from, the number of hours you want to work, whatever will work for you?” Before my feet landed on the ground, “All I wanted you to do was trust Me,” softly, serenely, settled my heart.  “What,” I thought? Will I consider? I get to choose? How to align my days? Without HAVING to leave work that too, was a gift during a great time of need?

In the most difficult walk of faith I’d ever taken, God granted me the blessing of being able to serve my family, workplace, community and church more intently and minister more directly. It was, as one friend mentioned, an Abraham moment. Even as a beneficiary of Abraham’s testing of obedience that’s been bequeathed through the generations, I never imagined there would be a ram. How could I have known that my hopes, dreams and needs would not only go untouched but would indeed, blossom.

I don’t know how God is speaking to your heart or the specific work of transformation He is doing in you. But I do know it is a work of preparation. We are always being prepared. We never “arrive” on this side of heaven, we just become more ready for the next phase. And although we’d like those next phases to be according to our calendars, we should only desire God’s perfect timing. Anything else may cost us our heart’s desire.  (Just look at God’s preparation time in the lives of those of great faith, we know today).

There’s joy in the everyday of life, if we would take time to see. Don’t move ahead of God. Let Him prepare you. Enjoy the daily conversations. Look and be very, very, thankful for the small things, because they are the big things. Listen for His voice to you throughout the day. Don’t step out ahead of Him. Trust Him. Trust Him. Trust Him.

“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25

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2 thoughts on “Losing For Life

  1. This was very powerful and true for me. I can think back on times when I didn’t wait for God’s timing and I didn’t get the results that I expected vs times I did wait for God’s timing and I got more than I expected.