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5 Ministry Ideas For Empty Nesters


1. Friendship Building

Ministry IdeasWith the number of responsibilities on the plate of most women, it is sometimes difficult to develop new friendships.   Once children are no longer at home, the lack of friendships can be a bit tough.

An intentional effort to help women develop friendships can be a jewel of a ministry. If you have lifelong friends or make friends easily, perhaps this might be a ministry that fits into your calling.

2. Mentor Younger Women

Young women need mentoring now just as they always have needed it.  Whether it’s how to dress for work, invest, buy real estate, or dating savvy, knowing the what’s and why’s of being a growing young woman in Christ can be key to her overall development into a godly wife, mother and professional.

This may be a consideration for you if you enjoy the company of young women and want to teach, minister or mentor.

3.Tutor Children

In almost every neighborhood, teachers and schools have a need for extra hands to help with the encouragement and development of its young students.  This may especially be the case in areas with high percentages of single mother headed households.

Children could be tutored on the premises of the church, or a group of volunteers could be coordinated and work in after school programs.

4.Summer School Lunches

It’s always surprising, but a fact nevertheless, of the number of children who go hungry during the summers.  There are many children who depend on the school meal programs for the daily meals.

If you have the means and the will to organize volunteers to make breakfasts or lunches for needy children during the summer, then this may be a consideration for you.

5.Young Adult Encouragement

It’s an unfortunate fact that  many Christian young men and women struggle with their faith during college.  Some give in to activities due to peer pressure, and others can have their faith opposed by their very professors.

It is critical to pray for your young adults who are away from parents, friends and their lifelong influencers.  If you understand the power of prayer, and care about the faith of college students, then this may be a ministry option for you to consider.


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