Secret Weapon Writing Widgets

My Favorite Secret Weapon Writing Widgets

Opportunities galore exist for anyone who wants to become an author. Gone are the days where you keyed a manuscript and handed it over to an editor and then to a company to print and distribute your writing.

The power to publish is now in the tips of your fingertips. With the right tools in your hands you can design polished works for others to enjoy.

The following are a couple of my favorite writing widgets that I have come to rely upon. I think you will find them very useful as well.

1. DropBox

Before I learned about DropBox, I lost plenty of work. You probably know the heart dropping feeling of unease when you realize that the hours, weeks, months or years of effort you put into writing your masterpiece, has vanished with a crashed computer hard drive.

DropBox has put my mind at ease over losing work, like nothing else has. When you open a DropBox account you get plenty of free personal space to put your documents, pictures, videos and music. You can get additional space for a cost, but I am still using the free account I opened years ago and I have saved hundreds of files to my account.

Here’s why I’m head over heels happy about DropBox: (1) It’s so easy to use; once you create your account it becomes just another folder on your computer. (2) It is accessible from your pc, MAC, cell phone, or the internet so you can work from almost anywhere. (3) The hours of work it took to pull the words I want to write, from my head to paper, will not be in vain if my computer crashes.

2. DaFont

This site has hundreds of beautiful fonts. You simply browse through their list of fonts and click the download button to add it to your font family. Once the font is installed, it is available for use in all of your file types (documents, presentations, etc.)

A note of caution: make sure you have an active antivirus program running on your computer before downloading fonts to your computer.

DaFont is the first place I go to when I’m looking for a unique font to use in my documents.

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