Sometimes All It Takes, Is One Thing

I never made a resolution until last year. And the one I made changed everything…

2014 began with the settling of 2013, and before its close, I sat at home one evening reflecting over the year. Early in 2013, I’d accepted a role as manager of a team, whose previous two managers quit, one of them rather abruptly (which I’d soon come to know why). I spent more time at work than anywhere else. It quickly became my number one priority and the place where I spent the most time and energy.

As I saw myself waking at four in the morning, leaving less than an hour later and returning home hours after the sun began to rise in other parts of the world, I shook my head. What, was I thinking?, I thought. I could count on one hand the number of times I went to Wednesday night bible study, or said yes to any request other than for my current ministry activities.

I resolved before the start of 2014, that nothing would replace God as the priority in my life ever again. My resolution was to do this one thing: attend bible study every Wednesday night.

Believe God

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Then this happened :


  • Blocked my calendar on Wednesday’s @ 4:00 PM,
  • Cried and prayed over my husband’s cancer diagnosis,
  • Took a small group study,
  • Participated in bible study every Wednesday (except due to family or work emergencies – which were only three to four times during the year at most),
  • Said yes to facilitate a Sunday morning bible study,
  • Spent nights in the hospital after my husband’s surgery,
  • Remained active in ministry,
  • Prayed for my seventy-one year old father’s salvation,
  • Had more quiet time,
  • Completed the Daniel (my husband’s name) Fast,
  • Finished a book I’d worked on for years, then heard, “Un-Shame On You” is to be published first,
  • Prayed for my husband and other patients during chemo treatments,
  • Worshipped corporately and privately every Sunday,
  • Prayed for my daughters as they embarked on new jobs, marriage, and new living locations,
  • Listened to God answer my personal prayers through His people: “You have to stop being afraid,” “You need to do what God is calling you to do,” “Let’s pray for Vanessa”, etc.., etc…, etc…,
  • Prayed for my father through his health challenges,
  • Rejoiced over the success of my husband’s treatments,
  • Shared my salvation testimony on television,
  • Praised God for my father’s acceptance of Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior,
  • Stood speechless at my nomination and selection as one of top 40 leaders out of over 30,000 in the company I work for,
  • Fell more in love with the Lord of my life

Even as I sit here typing these words now, words cannot express the Greatness of The God who created everything from nothing. God The Father, Jesus The Christ, The Holy Spirit. The One who spoke all things into being by His Will and His Word. God is who He says He is. There is no doubt, EVERY word God revealed to us is truer than anything our eyes can see.   “Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” John 20:29.

There is nothing better in life than believing God through obeying His word.

As I reflect on 2014, my heart is full and heavy. Yes, at seeing The Hand of God like I’ve never seen it before. But mostly because my hope and deepest desire is that you would trust Him. That you would love Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. That you would make God, The Creator of the heavens and the earth, the priority of your life.

Then, believe Him by doing what He says.  It could change everything for you.

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One thought on “Sometimes All It Takes, Is One Thing

  1. Awe-inspiring! You are a gifted communicator my precious sister, and more anointed than I imagine you yet realize. Your complete surrender to God, allowing His Holy Spirit to freely flow through you continues to bless others near and far, serving as a powerful teaching testimony as well. Thank you for your full obedience to God. Enjoy as He fulfills His promise to you as you ” eat the good of the land”, (Isaiah 1:19