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Acacia, desperate to be normal, looked for help everywhere. On the pages of books, talk shows, in bottles of wine. The more she hunted for relief, the worst things became. Nothing worked. Acacia was slipping under, fast, until on one uncompromisingly overcast night, darkness and loneliness conspire to engage Acacia in the battle for her life.

Weary from fighting, Acacia is ready to give in to the final blow when suddenly, scenes of long ago people, faces, and places appear before her eyes.  Acacia is pulled into the remembrances and takes you along as she walks the prickly terrain of yesteryear and discovers in the crevices of the streets most difficult to re-walk, what she’s been looking for since she was five years old.

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Based in part on the life of the author, Blue Sun Dances will keep you wondering what’s coming next. You walk the streets, hear the music and come face to face with each of Acacia’s harrowing experiences and choices she encounters as a young girl, teenager and adult, as well as experience the day that changes the color of every other day, forever.

Blue Sun Dances is a gift and offer of hope for those with unsettled souls, had impossibly difficult childhoods, past incidences with church they’d rather forget, find it difficult to parent, are burdened by their addictions, cannot love, or believes life has nothing for them.  Read Blue Sun Dances and dance your way back into your life, with music, joy, faith and hope.