The One Difference Between Calling and Career

Calling is not a job or a career.  It is the specific earthly assignment God has set aside for you to do.  It is a task that will impact the lives of others in order to draw them into a closer relationship with Him.

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Your life’s calling is the culmination of your life’s  experiences, character, personality, talents and spiritual gifts used to express your love of God through obedience to the compassionate desires He places in your heart. Unlike a job or professional career, there is no preparation for living your calling.  You simply live the life you have been given without giving up or giving in. The circumstances of your personal life and your dependence upon God form the foundation of your calling.

Here are a couple of Biblical examples of people who lived their calling:

  • Moses was born an Israelite, lived as a prince in Egypt and was used by God to fulfill the promise He made to Abraham which was to set the people of Israel free after four hundred years of slavery.  (Genesis 15:13)

  • Rahab was a woman minding her own business when two Israelite spies entered her “work premises.”  Because she had heard of the power of God, she went against her own people to help the men.  Not only was her life spared during the takeover of her land and people, she is named in the lineage of Jesus Christ. (Joshua 2 & Matthew 1:5)

You too are a part of God’s creation plan.  By being obedient to what God asks you to do or going where He tells you where to go, you will find the greatest joy to be had on this side of heaven.

Do you know what your life’s calling is?  If so, please leave a comment below letting us know what it is and how you heard your call.

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