Un-Shame on You, The Book Release

Some women take on a day, rising before it appears, to let it know the specific tasks she intends to accomplish within its hourly boundaries.

May 2014 ReleaeShe pronounces the meetings she will attend, the children’s teachers to be contacted, the ministry assignments she will complete, the dinner to be made for the husband, and the friends whose company, even if just by phone, she will enjoy.  With the day at hand done, she lays down for a restful night’s sleep, patient, yet eager for the ushering in of a new day.

Too, there are women who, though also having to engage at work, connect with their kids’ teachers, grocery shop, assist with ministry and a host of other responsibilities, do so without pronouncements or assertions, but merely out of dogged necessity.   And, when the day is done and evening approaches, it does so tauntingly and emboldened by its ever present companion, shame.  These women, night after night, close their eyes to a barrage of reminders, voiced by shame: “you are so ugly, you only finished the eleventh grade – of course your kid was going to fail the test, you’ll never have any real friends,  you’re such a lousy…,” and on and on and on and on.

Soul searing shame is a lie and an assault on a woman of God, yet many live, or rather exist, under its rule.  Yet, you would hardly recognize a woman living with shame because she looks  and acts “normal” though her heart and soul are broken and in shambles.

If you or anyone you know has or is not living the joyous, free, fruitful life promised by The Savior of The World, because of shame (or other reasons), I have good news for you.  You can be free from the grips of this lie whose only aim is to keep you from living the extraordinary purpose God created you for.  You do not have to wait a minute or a day longer to begin your walk away from shame once and for all.

Un-Shame on You was written for you.  It was written to remind you of your splendid place in the kingdom of God, or to lead you there if you do not have a relationship with The Creator of The Universe, God Himself.  It is a walk, a sojourn with God away from the lies of shame to a life lived in The Truth.

Un-Shame on You is written from a depth of personal experience.  For, as I maintained the roles of mother, wife, ministry leader and corporate vice president during the day, I was anguished under the mercilessness of shame at night, for decades, until finding the truth and the way  to a life of unhindered, genuine joy.

If your heart’s desire is to have a joyous, fruit-filled life of purpose , then trust that: His Hand will lead The Way, teach you The Truth and give you Life, in The Light.

Get your copy of Un-Shame on You (the e-book) for yourself and a friend, today.

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