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Sharing the power of the Gospel message through stories transformed into theatre, music, books, and other media, can impact men, women, and children anywhere in the world!!!  (For our current production schedule, visit:

Yes, there are millions of movies, books and other media available everywhere.  And yet, there are an unlimited number of powerful stories of faith, hope and love, that will change lives and glorify God, still to be told.  Theater and art are creatively beautiful ways to share the hope, love and joy awaiting those who are seeking answers to their circumstances .



This production brings the battle men, women and children across the globe, have with shame, to the stage. Shame stalks as does a thief of the night, in pursuit of lofty visions, promised dreams and inherited futures, treasured by the vulnerable. Neither dead bolt locks nor secured doors will keep shame out when it has been given a key. Evicting shame and reclaiming ownership of the heart is a battle fit only for those who can no longer afford the cost of shadow living.

BothTashasNo longer able to do its work behind closed doors, shame wages its battle with three residents of a suburban Empresstown apartment complex in front of audiences’ eyes.  On the same unseasonably odd Friday night Imara, Wren and Tasha each come face to face with shame, themselves, strong-willed weather, and one another.  Do they have the strength to evict shame and wrestle the elements of the night?  The weight of what each woman confronts nudges her in front of a road paved with life and death choices.

In addition to the intricate storyline – beautiful original songs, gifted artists, and superb acting, make Un-Shame On You an enjoyable, unforgettable experience.

Why did we share this story? Because family, children and love, are worth fighting for.

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Creative, unique songs that share the gospel without you having to say a word.  Simply play these songs in your home, car or at your desk at work and those who are around will hear the unforgettable message of the hope and love in Jesus.

Click the links below to hear the words of the music.  There is also  special release CD signed by the cast of Un-Shame On You.

Special Original Release CD

GoodBye, Shame | Hold On | Welcome Back Love | Call Me Un-Shamed



BlueSunDancesBlues Sun Dances  – Based on Vanessa’s personal story, is a beautiful telling of a woman who made it to the cross despite mounted odds.

On one dark, cable-less night, Acacia – bruised and tired, is ready to give up all hope of making it through another fight with the dark, when, faces and places from long ago, appear in the middle of her living room.  Acacia, transported into memories from yesteryear and takes you with her as she walks prickly roads she’s dropped onto.  Though Acacia desperately wants to return to her Pebble Hills home and get off the hovering streets she walks, again, she knows the only way back, is to keep walking forward. Blue Sun Dances is a page-turner you won’t able to put down.


Unshame-Fixed HairUn-Shame On You, Devotional Book

Un-Shame On You is encouragement to the hearts of women whose desire to love, build relationships, live a life of purpose, fulfill their calling, and quiet the nagging voice of shame.

Un-Shame on You is an easy to read, 4 week devotional and prayer journal. It is for those who want more than a life shaded by shame, and are ready, truly ready, to begin bravely and boldly loving God, others, themselves, and fulfilling the purpose for which they were born.



Kids Without MomKids Without Mom

Kids Without Mom is a book that whispers love, hope and encouragement to youth who grew up or are growing up without the comfort and love of a mother’s arms.

Using biblical truths and personal experience, Kids Without Mom teaches basic life lessons in a fresh and easy to read style, to youth of all ages and shares the message that there is tremendous hope, joy and success awaiting any motherless child determined to give love and trust a chance





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