What A Story!!!

Stories are what life is undoubtedly made of.  They make you laugh, cry and when God is a part of the story,  all you can do is simply sit in awe and wonder.

When I first heard Laura Story sing, my heart completely melted at hearing how she so beautifully sings the truth of The Gospel and God’s glorious ways.  Hearing her personal testimony made the words even more spiritually sweet.

If you are in Georgia or can get to Georgia on Thursday May 8th to hear Laura’s story in the midst of God’s story, it will be an experience you will not soon forget.  A Woman’s Weekend To Remember: a 3 day mother’s day weekend conference to get you away from the ordinary to hear from The Extraordinary.  Join us for great hospitality, worship. praise, laughter, biblical insights and so very much more.

Tell Your Story.  Live Your Calling!

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