What Will It Take?

There’s been something in the air the past few weeks. Months. Couple of years. I couldn’t put my finger on what is was. It, something, was always in the air. Until today when the fog covering the something lifted, and unveiled a question: What will it take?

“Huh?”, I questioned back after closing the social media posts I was reading and placing my phone on the table. I’m not sure if the question was intended to be delivered as sternly as a parent before disciplining a child who’d been given more than enough chances, yet as yearningly as a teacher pleading with all she had, to know how to help her student pass the test, but it startled and saddened me in the same moment.

Had I not gotten the lessons? I thought I did, but maybe I hadn’t. Did I permit distractions to take me off course or did I really not know any better at the time? I presumed invitations to engage in, lead, teach, or manage activities and events, was a good thing. And perhaps they were.

And maybe too, they were not the best things if I’d already been given directions to remain engaged elsewhere. Why then, with such clear instructions, and a ready vehicle, did I veer onto other roads? Mostly because of two reasons: (1) others were very persuasive at convincing me to ride along with them, and (2) the road I was placed in front of was unpaved, unclear and I had no idea where it would ultimately lead. So for almost two years, (oh how I don’t want to want to write this, so I’m typing it with my eyes closed), I let… (oh, please don’t make me say it………..AAAAHHHH)…. F.E.A.R. There, I said it!… keep me pretty much at the starting line of the work I was given to do: help others overcome the lies of shame and guilt over past mistakes, through the power of story.

van-on-roadThis is what it took to get me to realize the importance of faithfully venturing into the unknown: “but my righteous one shall live by faith, and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.” Hebrews 10:38.  By choosing, others’ opinions, the safe and the known, or anything else, robs us of trusting God with our present and futures, and God is not pleased.

For me, it took the stern yet loving Word of God to get it. What will it take for you? God has plans for us that far exceed what anybody can think up for us. He lets us in on what they are, bit by bit, with each passing of the test of faith. Let us stay the course He has placed us on no matter how loud, angry, guilt-laden, subtle, or fearful the voices urging us off, are. Let this be our goal for 2017 for as long as God’s grace keeps us.

I would love to hear from you. What is God asking of you that requires you to put your full and complete trust in Him?

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