Who Are You?

How easy is it for you to answer that question?  Do you define yourself as your past?  By where you were born?  The family you come from?  Or, by your job?  How does the question itself make you feel?

Most people’s answer to: “who are you?” is their job.  Whether it’s being a mother, an archaeologist, a lawyer, a child advocate, a farmer, an entrepreneur, teacher, community developer, minister, — the way in which you leave your mark on the world by interacting with and serving others plays such an important part of the state of your heart.

For anyone who is living their dream, their purpose, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work they put their hands to is perfectly aligned with their skills, their passions and their experiences – that is great!  But what takes place in the heart of someone who gets up, puts their shoes on, looks at the clock with dread in the morning, or whose weekly mantra is, “TGIF!!!!!!!!?”?

Some of the most exciting days to experience are those lived seeking the reason for which we were born, our calling.  Calling does involve work, but it is the specific work God had in mind for us before we ever took our first breath.  Calling colors our days.  It sharpens our focus.  It pumps excitement through our hearts.  It has us rising early and laying down late.

We were created by God for two great reasons: (1) to know who He is and, (2) to carry out the purpose for which He created us.  Our education, natural abilities and experiences were given to us not just to make money, but to use them along with our spiritual gifts to honor The Creator of The Universe by doing the specific life-work He had in mind for His creation.

Every single one of us is a work of art (or a piece of work)…  We are the Master’s pieces.  Today is the perfect day to fill the pages of your story with the discovery and doing of that you were born for.  How unfortunate would it be to one day realize we missed our calling?  It is never too early or too late to take the best trip ever – – walking the roads of seeking, search, grasping, and treasuring the call.

Thinking About Your Calling

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